Crosscard Expense –
Business Class for Corporate Cards.

Crosscard Expense streamlines your employees’ corporate card payments thanks to a single central corporate loading account, allowing you to keep control of spending and optimise liquidity. Give your employees a way to pay what is required for your organisation. Separate business spending from private and avoid unnecessary administration. At the same time, maintain complete control over everything, from budgeting to reporting on each individual transaction:

  • Every card comes with a prepaid „credit“ line
  • All credit lines are individually managed in the Crosscard Management Tool (CMT) and run against the corporate load account


No matter the size of your company, Crosscard Corporate is an easy-to-implement-solution and has the right features for you:

  • Crosscard Management Tool (CMT) and Corporate Loading Account (CLA) always included
  • Optimised cash flow with an overview of all cards via the CMT
  • Individual and aggregated reporting for full transparency
  • Multi-currency support 1
  • Worldwide card shipping to individual or collected addresses
  • Easy-to-implement solution


Crosscard Expense is designed with specific company finance benefits in mind:

  • Keep your finger on the pulse of your business with an automatic virtual balance of all cards issued to employees
  • Control your company credit line by setting individual limits for all of your business’s cards from a single central location. If the funds available to your business fluctuate throughout the year, this amount can also be preprogrammed to change accordingly each month
  • Liquidity is optimised by running the balances of shared accounts against individual card loads or credit facilities.
  • Limits and credit lines are set for each card, ensuring that nobody can exceed the amount of credit allocated to them
  • Increased credit rating with your existing banking partners instead of adding up unused credit lines for conventional corporate credit cards

1 Cards issued in EUR, GBP, etc. – transactions can be made in any currency worldwide

Crosscard Payout –
Payouts across the Globe.

Crosscard Payout keeps your business operating in real-time, wherever your staff, customers and partners are located. With Crosscard Payout, you can automate your payments to employees, customers, affiliates, partners and sales representatives across the globe and avoid complicated and expensive payment infrastructure:

  • Send money in real-time anywhere around the world
  • Multiple payout solutions including prepaid Mastercard® cards and global bank transfers
  • Initiate single or mass payments from your Central Load Account to Crosscard cards, e-money or bank accounts
  • Regulated entity in the US & EU, licensed to remit funds globally
  • Clear, competitive, transparent pricing

Send and Receive Mass Payouts.

With Crosscard, every payee can be paid anywhere in the world, whether they are in North or South America, Europe, Africa, Asia or Australia. Revenue is credited in real-time to their Crosscard card account. Funds can then be used worldwide using Crosscard Mastercard cards or bank transfers from the Crosscard card account:

Crosscard Mastercard Cards.

  • Premium design embossed cards
  • Usable anywhere where Mastercard is accepted
  • Pay online, at the point of sale or over the telephone
  • Withdraw cash at ATM’s

Crosscard Card Account linked to all Cards.

  • Multi-currency card accounts for all cardholders
  • Send money in any currency around the world
  • Pay invoices, rent and support fees via global bank transfers
  • Comfortable, secure and robust online banking with the latest mTAN security


Crosscard Payout enables businesses, marketplaces, corporations and enterprises to send funds to employees, professionals and small businesses, wherever they are, in the currency and payout method of their choice. Crosscard makes global commerce effortless:

  • Flexible and innovative platform
  • Frictionless and cost-effective mass payouts
  • Supports multiple payout solutions
  • Multi-currency support 1
  • Full control and reporting through the Crosscard Management Tool (CMT)


Overcome legal, structural and technical barriers and forget about the complicated currency conversion, taxes and technical integration that are part of your existing systems. Crosscard Payout is ideal for:

  • E-Tailers and merchants
  • Freelancers
  • Affiliates

1 Cards issued in EUR, GBP, etc. – transactions can be made in any currency worldwide

Crosscard Purchase –
Unleash your Purchasing Power.

Crosscard Purchase is an easy-to-implement, fully automated solution for fostering efficiency. It offers centralised purchase management while giving managers and departments the freedom to make credit card transactions. It eases your daily purchases and regular orders of materials and services. By involving all relevant parties (purchasing, suppliers and accounting) in the process, you benefit from considerable savings and gain full control over every purchase:

  • Set spending limits per card, employee credit levels and relevant time frames
  • Specify supplier names
  • Full transparency of your purchases
  • Additional virtual cards can be issued on the spot via API


Crosscard Purchase is designed to settle the purchases of your company from a single central account and summarises all your bills in a clear, customisable electronic statement:

  • Virtual and physical open loop cards for all your credit card payments
  • Purchases can be made in any currency
  • Easy card generation via GUI, API or Excel file
  • Role based reporting suite allows detailed reporting for all cards together, as subsets or individually

Crosscard Reward –
Fantastic Plastic for Fantastic People.

Crosscard Reward is the best way to say thank you. Making payments on these cards decreases transaction costs, might help to lower the income tax for employees, support the corporate contribution structure and reimburse customers for their loyalty. Finally, it is much easier compared to other payment methods that usually feature a long paper trail and high transaction costs in comparison to the amounts actually paid. It’s perfect for making one-time and recurring bonus payments to employees, partners and customers.

Benefits for the Company.

  • Motivates and increases employee loyalty
  • Save social contribution in selected European countries
  • Simple administration via GUI, API, or Excel file
  • Transparent cost structure
  • Can be issued as a re-loadable card for increased value
  • Optional: Mastercard® cards with your own company design

Benefits for the Customer.

  • Increases net income for cardholders in selected European countries
  • Wide choice of goods and services available, ATM typically blocked
  • Can be issued as a re-loadable card and topped up by the user’s own funds for further use optionally
  • Automated system provides instant fund availability
  • A premium gift
  • Online card account access to analyse usage

Crosscard Assistance –
Money that helps.

The Crosscard Assistance and emergency card solutions deliver international payment solutions for the emergency and insurance industries. Making funds available to your target group in milliseconds, with no transaction risks, wherever they might be when they need it:

  • Central Load Account managed by GUI or API
  • Equip your members with a fully edged Mastercard® card in your design
  • Dual functionality possible, open-loop card can carry membership details (embossed, chip or contactless)
  • Cards don’t work when not loaded by your staff – and can automatically be un-loaded after a set time frame
  • Loaded in an emergency case with the required amount, cards work worldwide in any transaction currency at any POS or ATM
  • No transaction and personal risks in unsafe environments compared to cash or even conventional corporate credit cards as cards are empty until centrally loaded
  • Authorisation reporting by API, email or text message as well as customised and regular reporting ready

The Crosscard Assistance Solution is Perfect for:

  • Insurance industry
  • Breakdown assistance service providers
  • Automobile and parts manufacturers
  • Car rental companies
  • Mobility service providers
  • Vehicle leasing companies