Crosscard Account Hierarchy.

  • Top-CLA for finance and treasury management
  • Shadow account system for all card based transactions
  • Sub- and card accounts for operative cash management within business units or projects



  • Hierarchy reflects typical organisations
  • Flexible and scalable

Crosscard Account System
TOP-Central Load Account (CLA).

  • Load from your main bank account (IBAN)
  • Direct payment methods (Sofort, iDeal, EPS, P24)
  • Supervisor for role and user management
  • Budget allocation for sub-CLA
  • Monitor of all transactions

Crosscard Account System
SUB - Central Load Account (SUB-CLA).

  • Card-, user- and funds management
  • Load and unload cards
  • Initiator and approvers for task management
  • Monitor for all grouped card transactions

Crosscard Account System
Cards and Card Accounts.

  • Card-based transactions
  • Dedicated IBAN
  • Initiators
  • Monitor for card-based transactions