Bonus payments on Debit Mastercard cards

Saying thank you is important – especially in this day and age. But it is not always easy to find a suitable gift for every person.

Crosscard Reward is a simple and elegant solution for bonus payments: Give your employees and business partners a Debit Mastercard card, topped up with an amount of your choice.

  • Create as many Debit Mastercard cards as you like with ease.

  • Load the cards with your desired amounts.

  • Make extra payments at any time to say "thank you".

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High acceptance

Everyone loves debit cards on a prepaid basis. Because everyone can use them to buy whatever they want. And Debit Mastercard cards are accepted worldwide as a means of payment.

Low effort

You access all cards from a central digital platform. You can easily load the cards with the desired amount. Even multiple cards at the same time!

Employer Branding

If you credit bonus payments via the company card, you strengthen the loyalty of your employees. This is how employer branding works today!

Your Crosscard Wallet gives you full control over everything

Central management of cards

The backbone of the system is the Crosscard Wallet. You can load it conveniently, e.g. by SEPA transfer. In the digital command centre, you can load, unload or block existing cards. You can make payments in just a few steps: Select recipient, define amount, confirm. This gives you full control over the entire range of company cards at all times.

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