Better than plastic credit cards!

Do you know how many products and services your employees buy and pay for online? How often do you have to reimburse them for payments they have made with private credit cards?

Starting tomorrow, you can save yourself all this: With Crosscard’s virtual debit cards, you manage all company online payments on a central platform at the click of a mouse. Generate as many personalised virtual company cards as you like with which your teams and employees can make online payments.

  • High flexibility

    Create as many virtual company cards as you like for your employees.

  • Full control

    Manage expenses and company cards centrally.

  • Maximum security

    Secure central management of online payments instead of uncontrollable payments with conventional credit cards.

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Extremely fast and flexible

You can give each team, each employee their own debit card. Within seconds. Exactly tailored to the current needs of your organisation.


Crosscard's virtual debit cards cost much less than "physical" corporate credit cards. Definitely the most efficient solution for online payments.

Central card management

Put an end to endless card statements and tedious expense reimbursements! Give each employee a personal Business Debit Mastercard and manage everything centrally on the digital crosscard platform - the Wallet.

Creating cards is as easy as child's play.

Generate unlimited virtual debit cards at any time

You can quickly and effortlessly assign each employee their own virtual Business Debit Mastercard. Since this „card“ exists only virtually – it consists only of card number, expiry date, etc. – it can be used immediately after generation. If required, you can load a card immediately before payment and unload it again right after the payment process or delete it straight away.

  • More efficiency

    An extremely efficient solution for corporate online purchases. Saves time and costs.

  • Custom account structure

    Allocate debit cards flexibly according to your organisation's needs. To teams or individuals.

  • No credit line

    Load the virtual cards with any amount at any time.

Efficient card management

Manage all virtual company cards from your computer

Crosscard offers a user-friendly, secure online platform on which you centrally manage all virtual company cards. Here you can generate, load, unload and delete new virtual cards in no time at all.

  • Secure and easy integration in companies of all sizes.

  • Adjust the prepaid balance of any card in seconds.

  • Create as many company cards as you like for your employees

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