What are Corporate Cards?

October 20, 2020

As a business looking for some kind of payment solution for your employees, we have the perfect and ideal payment solution for you!

What are Corporate Cards?

Corporate cards are a form of payment solution given usually to employees which are issued directly from the business. This type of payment allows employees to pay for business expenses such as travel, office supplies or paying for a meal during a business trip. Corporate cards are the most powerful solutions for employees to separate their business expenses and their personal cash and credit/debit card payments. In turn, this acts as a great solution for businesses to be able to manage and keep track of what your employees are spending. Corporate Cards are the perfect way for your employees to make any business-related purchases without having the hassle of being reimbursed and having to pay in advance with personal funds.

What do we offer at Crosscard?

At Crosscard, what we aim to do, is give our customers the ability to manage budgets, cards and cash all in one go. We want our customers to be able to manage Budgets for companies, teams or even individuals. Customers are able to load and unload debit cards in real-time. All of these benefits translate into the Customer having full control. We also offer cards in any corporate designs as well as individual API integration. All of this whilst being under European Regulations and operating under a Mastercard license. We have five very simple solutions that we offer at Crosscard.


Manage expenses with receipt capture in the mobile app.

• The easy and convenient way to manage employee expenses
• Control your company‘s budget by setting individual limits for all of your business’s cards from a single central location
• Forget the process of manually collecting receipts, filling out expense report forms, endless approvals and delayed reimbursements due to lost receipts. Through our Crosscard Business mobile app we now have the receipt capture feature available to new customers
• For full control, you’re able to enable or disable ATM transactions
• Worldwide acceptance through an embossed Mastercard


Crosscard Payout enables businesses of all sizes and marketplaces to send funds to employees.

• Ideal for mass payouts, commissions, salaries and savings
• Pay contractors, freelancers, affiliates, employees instantly in real-time
• No bank-transfers, payroll delays, bank holidays
• Cardholder can also load cards themselves


Crosscard Purchase is an easy-to-implement, fully automated solution for fostering efficiency. It offers centralised purchase management while giving managers and departments the freedom to make debit card transactions. It eases your daily purchases and regular orders of materials and services. By involving all relevant parties (purchasing, suppliers and accounting) in the process, you benefit from considerable savings and gain full control over every purchase:

• Set spending limits per card
• Specify supplier names
• Full transparency of your purchases
• Additional virtual cards can be issued on the spot via API


Crosscard Reward is the best way to say thank you to your employees. It is much easier compared to other payment methods that usually feature a long paper trail and high transaction costs in comparison to the amounts actually paid. It’s perfect for making one-time and recurring bonus payments to your employees.

• Gives your employees the most flexible incentive
• Motivates and increases employee loyalty
• Easy and cost-efficient handling without vouchers or disappointments
• Tax-free benefits (German market)


Crosscard Assistance offers an international payment solution with worldwide acceptance for the emergency and insurance industries. Making funds available to your target group in real-time with no transaction risks, wherever they might be when they need it.

• Truckers, logistics, insurances, pilots etc
• Worldwide unlimited emergency payments
• Car rental companies
• Mobility service providers
• Vehicle leasing companies
• Fast payments and full remote control
• Issue cards in the name of the cardholder

Free yourself from all the hassle!

For more information on our B2B products, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team, sales@crosscard.com.

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