Resilience during COVID-19

CEO Blog, by Kevin Murphy - June 25, 2020

The last few months have been particularly strange for everyone, so first and foremost I would like to express my best wishes to all of those reading this.

At Crosscard, we are a new standalone business (since December 2019) with a very new diverse team across all levels of the company. Since I joined in early September last year, we have onboarded about 40 new people to the business – that is 60% of our total team! With new offices in Munich and Luxembourg this year we now have new colleagues who have joined us in the last three months who have not even met other colleagues in person and who have not yet visited their new office. Our employees as a whole have been a vital part of Crosscard’s growth over the last few months.

Reflecting on the past three months the word that sums up the period best for me is Resilience. We are striving to transform and grow as a business and there have been depths of dedication shown from our colleagues over the last few months. They have proven to be very resilient and adaptable to a unique set of working challenges and our colleagues, who are spread across 9 European countries with 26 different nationalities, have all been fantastic to work with!

Unfortunately, throughout this pandemic, there have been industries and other companies who have suffered a lot more than we have. The Crosscard business has proven to be very resilient, and we are now almost back at pre COVID-19 levels of customer card activity. As a very experienced executive team, we took early and decisive actions on costs and revenues. In addition, the fact that our portfolio is spread across a number of European markets, with Germany at the core, as well as a strong mix of customer types and revenue streams, has shown that we have a depth of resilience in the portfolio. We also made it our priority to look after our customers very well during the lockdowns and our teams rose to the challenge of dealing with a 50% increase in call volumes very well.

The ability to work from home has in fact played a huge part in our business performing better than expected. But we want our business to start returning to normal as soon as we can! We shouldn’t underestimate the benefit of being able to talk, collaborate with colleagues, the virtual equivalent is a poor substitute! I believe that the enforced lockdown has forced many of us to be personally resilient and deal with a various amount of challenges. For me it was being on 600+ Zoom calls from my small home office in London over 11 consecutive weeks. Now that I have been in the Munich office these past few weeks, it’s great to be getting back to normal.

Resilience across all aspects of our business played a large part in delivering the priorities we agreed at the start of the COVID-19 crisis – staying safe, protecting our customers and protecting Crosscard as a business.

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