Features of Crosscard solutions

Crosscard offers five innovative solutions to meet your business needs. You can control all expenses and costs in one central load account: the Crosscard CLA.

Save cost, time, and effort by implementing our Expense solution. Provide every employee with a Crosscard Mastercard card to pay in real-time, worldwide. Capture receipts in a mobile app to avoid paperwork. With Crosscard Purchase, we enable you to pay online safely. Use a single card for each vendor to minimize risk. Pay multiple external business partners with our Payout solution, giving each partner a Crosscard Mastercard card.

With Crosscard Reward, businesses can reward employees with a branded reward gift card. Assistance enables businesses to make money available in cases of emergency.

Integrate Crosscard into your Cash Management infrastructure

With the Crosscard Central Load Account (CLA), you can manage all expenses and costs in one account and use a system of sub-accounts and cards for maximum flexibility.

  • Load your Top CLA from your bank account via IBAN
  • Define sub-accounts for an ideal account hierarchy
  • Create virtual and physical cards for every employee or business partner

Integrate Crosscard into your Corporate Design

You can adjust the design of your Crosscard account and all Mastercard cards to your Corporate Design to fit in seamlessly into your cash management structure.

  • Order Mastercard cards in your own design from small to large quantities
  • Increase trust and brand awareness
  • Build customer and employee loyalty
  • Integrate additional on- and offline touchpoints into your communication mix