One card for all company expenses!

Crosscard Expense is an efficient expense solution for businesses of any size. With the click of a mouse, you create your own card for employees, manage top-ups and refunds, track expenses in real-time and generate expense reports in minutes.

Crosscard Expense saves you up to 50% of the time.

  • Manage expenses and company cards centrally.

  • Create as many company cards as you like for your employees.

  • Control all company card expenses in real time.

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Full control

Track the spending of all debit cards in the company in real time. Analyse in detail where savings can be made.

All receipts digitally captured

With a smartphone app, all payment receipts are scanned and assigned to a card payment. No more lost receipts!

Digital card hub

With the easy-to-use platform, you can create, load, unload, block any Business Debit Mastercard cards you want - within minutes.

Save time and costs

Generate expense reports in minutes

Employees can easily scan the paper receipts for their card payments with an app, assign them to a payment and send their expense report to the accounting department by e-mail. Checking and posting the statements is now much faster and easier because all payment data is already available in digital form.

Thanks to this system, employees lose paper receipts less often, no longer have to pay in advance or wait a long time for reimbursement.

  • Very easy expenditure reporting.

  • No more lost paper receipts.

  • Cover all expenses - from software subscriptions to business lunches.

Central issuing and control of cards

Empower your employees and stay in control

You can quickly and effortlessly issue each employee their own Debit Mastercard.

This gives them the freedom to make secure cashless payments worldwide, whether for travel, online advertising, SaaS or smaller expenses. You yourself retain full control over all spending and budgets. You can increase or decrease the loaded amount of any corporate card within seconds. Without limit.

  • Secure and easy integration in companies of any size.

  • Adjust the balance of any card in seconds.

  • Create as many company cards as you like for your employees

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