Crosscard is a leader in European digital issuing solutions, offering products across the B2B & B2C sectors.

Founded in 2006 by PPRO Financial, the business has deep expertise in delivering digital payments products to diverse customers sectors all across Europe. In 2019, Crosscard S.A. was formed and the business separated from PPRO group to facilitate a stronger focus on the issuing payments market.

Crosscard is unlike many other FinTech’s as we have been an established player for the past seven years and have a profitable, growing customer base. We have put in place a very experienced and dynamic executive team to scale the business over the next few years. Crosscard is fully regulated under CSSF oversight and has offices in both Luxembourg and Munich.

Crosscard’s business products are an easy, secure, and cost-effective way for companies to manage their finances. By utilizing both virtual and physical card accounts, we enable our customers to manage budgets efficiently and control company expenses in one go.

For consumers, we issue our e-money accounts under the brand name VIABUY with high-quality prepaid cards in gold and black. By separating payments from your bank account, VIABUY adds an extra layer of security, therefore is ideal for customers who appreciate secure online payments.

The Crosscard History

Crosscard’s issuing business started under the hat of PPRO Financial Ltd in 2006. Since then we grew exponentially until we finally separated from PPRO Financial Ltd to fully focus on the card issuing business.

Founded as part of PPRO Financial Ltd

First cards issued

1m cards issued

2m cards issued

Crosscard S.A. founded in Luxembourg

Operating as Crosscard S.A. independently in Munich and Luxembourg

Our Customer References.

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