Expense Management with Crosscard

Keep track of your expenses.

The smart solution for your corporate spending. Pay with Crosscard anytime and anywhere in real-time and manage all card payments on one central platform.

Highest level of security

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Expense Management


With Crosscard Expense, you manage all expenses on a single digital platform and simplify expense management for you and your employees.

  • Efficiency:

    Time and cost-saving expense management

  • Easy expense reporting for employees:

    Scan receipts via smartphone

  • Business Debit Mastercard:

    All employees can get their own debit card

  • Overview and control for companies:

    Expenses and balances can be monitored at any time

  • Wallet:

    Manage cards and balances on one central platform

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Virtual Business Debit Mastercards


Virtual debit cards for secure online payments for your teams and employees.

  • Virtual Business Debit Mastercards:

    Quickly and easily create cards for teams or individual employees

  • Employee satisfaction:

    No need to use private credit cards

  • Peace of mind:

    Manage online payments securely and flexibly

  • Full flexibility:

    Load and unload cards with funds at any time

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Why you should choose Crosscard

Business Debit Mastercard

You can issue as many virtual and physical Debit Mastercards as you like to employees quickly and cost-effectively - also in your corporate design if you wish.

Secure payments

By using debit cards on a prepaid basis, you can create company cards with peace of mind, load or unload money in real-time and block them immediately if necessary.


With your digital card hub - the wallet - you always keep track of all cards and sub-accounts.

Time and cost efficiency

Save valuable time of your employees in accounting and reimbursement.

Further products and services


With Crosscard Assistance, you can easily provide your employees with money on the road. Simply give them an Assistance Debit Mastercard from Crosscard.

  • Safe & Simple
  • International
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With Crosscard Payout, you can easily transfer payments of any amount to employees and contractual partners. With just a few mouse clicks in real time.

  • Fast & Convenient
  • Full Flexibility
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Crosscard Reward is a simple and elegant solution for bonus payments: Give your employees and business partners a Debit Mastercard card, topped up with an amount of your choice.

  • Low Effort
  • Employer Branding
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What our customers like and think about Crosscard

Adriano Rissbacher


„We chose Crosscard because we were able to implement our business concept here, which meets our needs in terms of control and transparency.“

Jarno Bor

Managing Director - Service 24 Notdienst GmbH

„With Crosscard as our partner, we have been able to maintain and even expand our leading position as an assistance and communication service provider in Europe. We particularly appreciate the cooperation, innovation and flexibility - Crosscard is part of our success.“

Barbora Nastoupilov√°

Product Owner - Eurowag Mastercard

„Crosscard met our needs, fulfilled our expectation at the beginning of our cooperation and we have been with them ever since. Cooperation has different layers, that work 99% of the time.“


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